Frequently Asked Questions:

How low are your prices?
In most cases we believe we can ship you natural stone veneer at the same price as Eldorado Stone or Corning Cultures stone. If you are going to use a natural stone veneer we are likely to be 35-50% less.

How can your prices be that low?
Our business model is simple. The worldwide recession has allowed us to negotiate directly with quarries all over the world and their natural stone veneer ship directly to your construction site. Quarries owners are enthusiastic about allowing us to market their products to the USA. By cutting all the agents, distributors and other middlemen we keep prices low but it does not stop there.

We own no fancy buildings, showrooms, large inventories or bureaucratic head office staff. We are obsessed with keeping our overheads to a minimum and passing the savings to you. The web site is basic and we have no expensive brochures to give away. Our inventory is still in the ground and not costing us costly warehousing and investment funds. To secure the huge savings we offer all we ask is that you choose the stone veneer from any source or send us a picture or sample and allow us 6-8 weeks to complete the process of matching your needs and arranging for the stone to be cut to your precise specifications and shipped directly to your construction site.

So what product choices do you stock?
Our stock is in the ground at each quarry and the choice is nearly infinite. Just give your sales consultant an idea of what you need. A picture will do but an actual sample is better and we will send you a proposal offering the three best matches we have and a price probably half what you are paying now. If you like one of the proposed matches we can create a mock up. It will then take 4-6 weeks to get the product o you so we need to start this process 6-8 weeks before you need the stone. All through this process you will be working with a QD salesman dedicated to meet your needs and a number to call that will be answered by a human.

How do I pay for order
We would like a 50% deposit when you place your order and the balance when the stone is delivered and you are happy with it.

What happens if I do not like the stone when it arrives?
In the rare event this happens we will refund your deposit. Natural stone is just that natural and as it is mined from the ground there will be subtle variations in the colors we extract. We have found that in most cases the consumer likes natural stone so much these variances rarely result in a refund situation. The huge price savings will usually be so compelling any concerns will soon be resolved.

Will you sell to consumers?
No. We only sell to construction industry trade professionals. We encourage consumers to contact us and we pass their details to an approved trade professional in their area. Please talk to us about joining our trade partner program.

Why choose natural of over fake stone veneer?
  • Close up it looks fake.
  • Soft material as only as strong as substrate
  • Can be damaged by water/damp
  • Develops efflorescence
  • Cracks, chips, scuffs easily.
  • Surface color only – cuts expose aggregate.
  • Once damaged stone cannot be salvaged.
  • Colors can fade.
  • Cannot remove graffiti - need to replace stone
  • Must be 18 inches from open flame.
  • Need to avoid freezing conditions.

Can you sell outside Southern California?
Please call us at 760-804-5889.

What about customer service?
In addition to the lowest prices possible we pledge that working with Quarries Direct will be rated as one of your best supplier experiences ever. You will have a dedicated sales person determined to meet your needs. We want you to win more business and our low prices and commitment to quality service will, we hope, help you achieve this.