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If you know any contractors who are looking to buy natural stone veneer for the same price as cultured/fake stone, simply send us an email with their contact info and we will do the rest. However you must have talked to your referral contractor and confirm that he is looking to purchase natural stone veneer now or sometime in the future.

Our conversation with your referral contractor will start like this. “ Hi we got your number from (you) and they said you might be interested in buying natural stone veneer for the same price as cultured/fake.” At that point your referral must acknowledge that they have spoken to you. If they have or have not we will contact you either way and tell how things are going.

We will assign your email address to your referral customer so that every time your referral contractor orders you will receive 1% of the dollar amount. A 5000 square foot order would cost around $30,000-$$40,000 dollars. You will receive a check for $300-$400.

If a referral is already assigned to someone we will let you know so that you can continue your search for more contractors looking to save money, win more jobs and add more value to their projects.

Please be sure to fill in the address where you want to receive you referral checks. Your referrals will be identified by your email address.





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