Ron tells you how we do it - click here to watch.

Natural Stone Veneers Direct to You From the Quarry
for the same price, or less, as Cultured/Fake Stone
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Here is how we do it.

1. We come to you and take your order to your exact specifications and samples.
2. We procure your stone directly from the quarry that has it.
3. We deliver your stone to your jobsite. (click here for more details)

Here is why they can’t do it.
1. Stone from the quarry is sold to a Broker who marks up the price.
2. He in turn sells it to a “Wholesaler” who marks up the price .
3. The Wholesaler sells it to the Showroom.
4. The Showroom has big overhead costs so they have to mark up the price.

Hmm... maybe he thinks fake stone is the only answer for his project budget...

Don’t Fake it, call Quarries Direct 800-804-5726

Colored cement fake stone products such as Eldorado Sidings and Corning Cultured Stones have certain limitations when compared to real stone veneers. First and foremost up close they look fake. You may also experience weathering problems and lime leaching out of the cement causing unsightly white streaks.

Why buy cement when you can have beautiful real natural stone? Natural stone is not only more beautiful but it also adds sales value of having a natural stone feature in your building project. Instead of your project featuring Eldorado Sidings, or Cultured Stone. It now features Prem Granites from India, Ziyang Slates from Shanghai, Luxe Marble, American cut field stone, St. Augustine limestone and more. You choose and we'll get it to you at a great price.



Forget Cement! Our 100% Guarantee is writen in stone.

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